At Hawthorne & Heaney we offer a range of in-store embroidery services which are perfect for engaging with clients or VIP’s at special events. We have over 10 years experience working with clients on live embroidery events, and have had the pleasure of dealing with brands like Dior Perfumes, Ugg and Glossier.

Events are a great way to advertise a new brand or collection launch, as well as a wonderful opportunity to create engaging social media content for yourselves and your key influencers.

Our customer service staff are trained to provide a professional service and exceptional embroidery results on site that will enhance your brand, and encourage renewed interest and brand loyalty with your existing customers. For more information about the live embroidery services we offer, get in touch via our contact form or email info@hawthorneheaneyhere.com and we will work with you to find the best Service ice to suit your space and needs.

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