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Consultation, Maintenance and Embroidery Training

Make your personalisation option a regular feature in store.

Do you have a machine in store gathering dust, or staff that are not keen to have a go. During our time working with personalisation we have come across wonderful marketing ideas stalling solely due to lack of embroidery training or simple maintenance. Let us have a look at your embroidery machine and get it working the bast it can, or give your store staff some confidence boosting embroidery training to get them having fun personalising for your clients.

In-store embroidery personalisation options elevate the retail experience by forging a stronger connection between customers and brands. That personal touch from your store staff is second to none when it comes to creating a memorable experience. Empowering your retail staff to have fun creating this experience for your clients will engage them further in providing a service that keep customers coming back.

We can provide either a monthly maintenance / embroidery training service in central London or a one off recap. We can also host training for up to 6 staff in our Mayfair based studio. Just give us a call and tell us what you need help with and we will be able to suggest the solution that is best for your needs.


– Confidence that your store staff are utilising your investments into equipment and extra services

– Empowered employees who have more ways of elevating the client experince. Giving them more creative input to their day to day.

– A space for staff to engage with your product in more depth and detail, energising them and enhancing the shopping experience for staff and customers.

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Claire Barrett

Event Co-Ordinator and Creative at HHH

The buzz that a live event creates is second to none. With the right combination of skills and interaction with clients everyone comes away energised and wants to share their swag.