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Engraving Personalisation Activations

Perfect for social sharing, product gifting, client engagement and retention

In-store engraving personalisation events offer a compelling strategy for retail customer reactivation and engagement. By inviting customers to experience a unique and tailored embroidery engraving service, retailers can rekindle dormant relationships and reignite interest in their products. This targeted approach acknowledges customers’ past engagement, making them feel valued and prompting them to revisit the store.

Additionally, these events provide a prime opportunity for clients to share “Instagram moments.” The act of witnessing their chosen items being expertly engraved either by our digital service or by hand by our artisans serves as a visually captivating experience, perfectly suited for social media sharing. Clients are inclined to share these moments on platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, generating organic exposure for the brand and products among their followers. This user-generated content acts as authentic endorsements, extending the brand’s reach and sparking curiosity among potential new customers.

By merging personalised service with shareable content, in-store engraving personalisation events not only reactivate past customers but also amplify the brand’s online presence. This synergistic approach bridges the gap between in-store and digital engagement, leading to increased customer reactivation, brand visibility, and ultimately, business growth.


– A ‘stand out’ service and gifting opportunity, setting your stall to stand out as a destination for client engagement.

– A durable keepsake with the potential to re-activate clients indefinitely.

– An opportunity to showcase either sensitivity and support to artisan craft or forward thinking in technical expertise and skill depending on the needs of your brand.

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A. Balmford

Matches Fashion

We used Hawthorne & Heaney for an in-store event pre-Christmas and were thrilled with the results! Our customers loved the opportunity of customising the items they were purchasing and the HHH team were a dream to work with from start to finish. Would definitely recommend and looking forward to using again at a future event.