Enhancing Customer Experience at Timberland with Hawthorne & Heaney’s Personalisation Workshops

Personalisation Workshops – Timberland

At Hawthorne & Heaney, our pop-up embroidery event services go beyond monogramming. We’re all about helping to boost retail sales and engaging customers through interactive events and personalisation workshops that can get customer’s excited about products, and give their purchases a personal touch. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting a personalised setup event at Timberland on Carnaby Street, a perfect example of how our services can refresh customers interest and bring in new shoppers!

With over a decade of experience in teaching embroidery techniques through our sister company, London Embroidery School, we’re well-equipped to bring you more interactive experiences in store, like the workshop event at Timberland.

During our collaboration with Timberland, we were tasked with designing and producing a range of patches with eyelets to be threaded onto the shoes. Each patch had ample space for small hand embroidered personalisation’s which we coached each customer through from start to finish, adding a unique touch to the Timberland Boat Shoes as part of their #generationboat campaign. These personalised patches, such as the classic Union Jack, Big Ben, and The London Underground symbol resonated well with customers and seamlessly complemented the available colour options.

Our selection of patches was diverse, ranging from patriotic British designs to playful elements like butterflies. Customers also had the option of choosing flowers, anchors, and plain pieces with more space for embroidery. Take a look at the circular patches, completely covered with intricate embroideries in various colours – a true testament to the creativity our retail events can unlock.

As hosts of the workshop, we guided each customer through the process. This journey began with patch and thread selection, continuing through needle threading and the application of text or symbols onto the patches before attaching them to the shoes. For further customization, customers could decorate their shoelaces with a variety of beads and charms.

Our friendly and professional staff are well-versed in tutoring individuals of all abilities. We tailor the experience to each customer’s skills, ensuring that everyone leaves with a product they are genuinely delighted with. This commitment to customer satisfaction is a driving force behind our retail event success.

To inquire about our personalisation workshops and discover the embroidery techniques we offer, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page for more information on how we can elevate your retail marketing strategies.