Hawthorne & Heaney at Cad & The Dandy on Savile Row’s Live Activation

Live Activation – Cad & The Dandy on Savile Row

Event season is in full swing, and we relish our involvement in live activations. This year’s Cad & The Dandy retail event at their elegant Savile Row showroom was no exception, and we were thrilled to partake in this retail marketing extravaganza.

As bespoke tailors, our products seamlessly aligned with Cad & The Dandy’s luxurious aesthetic and retail promotions, and we were entrusted with the task of personalising high-quality items. Our expertise in machine embroidery shone through as we skilfully monogrammed bespoke shirts, silk handkerchiefs, and labels for jacket linings, all adorned with exquisitely delicate lettering.

live activation

Our Tiny Machine Monogram expertise was on full display, perfectly complementing the upscale ambiance of the Cad & The Dandy Savile Row Showroom.

At Hawthorne & Heaney, we understand the importance of retail customer loyalty, and our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each item we personalise becomes a cherished possession, fostering loyalty among your customers.

If you’re looking to enhance your next retail event with bespoke personalization and create an unforgettable experience that resonates with your brand values, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Reach out to us at via our contact page, and let’s collaborate to craft an event that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, strengthening retail sales and retail advertising for your brand.