Hawthorne & Heaney Elevates the Victoria’s Secret Show Countdown – Customization Events

Customization Events – Victoria’s Secret

The anticipation leading up to a grand show is always an exhilarating experience. However, Victoria’s Secret took the excitement to another level in London, right before their New York showcase in November 2018 by hosting an exceptional countdown event.

Customization Events

This exclusive event featured a personalized touch, with the store offering customization services for their products, and the atmosphere was electric! With the personalisation services on offer paired with screens showcasing videos from past shows and a countdown timer for the eagerly awaited event, customer’s were thrilled with the experience.

Hawthorne & Heaney played a pivotal role in making this event truly special with six specialist embroidery machines and dedicated machinists, carefully adding the initials of customers to a wide range of items, including bras, pants, hoodies, robes, and much more.

Hawthorne & Heaney is hosting numerous other customization events at various locations, just keep an eye on our social media platforms! If you’re unable to make it to one of these events you can always visit our studio to ensure your gifts receive that extra touch of personalization this Christmas!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your items truly unique. Join us at one of our customization events or swing by our studio to add that special touch to your holiday gifts. Make this Christmas memorable with personalized presents from Hawthorne & Heaney.

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