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Patch Customisation Activations

Perfect for visuals, sharing creativity and energy in-store.

In-store patch customisation application events offer a dynamic strategy for retail customer interaction. By allowing customers to personalise their purchases with pre made embroidery patches, these events create a hands-on and engaging experience. Customers actively participate in the creative process, forging a deeper connection with the products and the brand. 

Moreover, these events infuse colour and excitement into the retail environment with their visually appealing nature. The array of colourful embroidery patches and the act of applying them to items generate a lively atmosphere that captures attention and evokes a sense of fun. The quick turnaround time adds an element of immediacy, encouraging spontaneous (and easy) participation and creating a sense of anticipation among customers.

This vibrant and interactive experience becomes a focal point, encouraging customers to spend more time in the store and interact with staff. It also provides ample opportunities for social media sharing, with customers showcasing their personalised creations online. As a result, patch customisation enhance customer interaction, inject energy into the retail space, and create a buzz that resonates both in-store and across digital platforms.

Embroidered Patches for Timberland


– A quick and easy creative interaction for staff and clients

– Visual ‘bang for buck’ with the ability for unlimited creativity at scale and with a short turnaround.

– A hugely shareable product that is customisable to be trend led

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Connie Mabbott

Event Co-Ordinator and Creative at HHH

Patch Workshops are great fun for staff and customers. Creating a lot of colour and result for little time input on the day. All the hard work is done before hand so you can maximse the take home for the client.