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Retail Events with Hawthorne Heaney Here

In-store personalisation at retail events offer retailers a dynamic strategy to enhance customer engagement and foster loyalty. These events create an immersive and unique shopping experience, allowing customers to personalise their purchases or gifts with monograms or motifs. This customisation taps into consumers’ desire for individuality, helping them establish an emotional connection with your product and subsequently your brand. 

Hawthorne Heaney Here Retail Event

At Hawthorne & Heaney we offer a range of in-store embroidery services which are perfect for engaging with clients or VIP’s at special events. We have over 10 years experience working with clients on live embroidery events, and have had the pleasure of dealing with retail brands such as Dior Perfumes, Ugg, Deckers, Pleasing, Timberland, Glossier and corporate gifting for companies such as Quickbooks and Surreal DB.

Monogram event for Dior

Personalisation activations are a great way to advertise a new brand or collection launch, as well as a wonderful opportunity to create engaging social media content for yourselves and your key influencers.

Our customer service staff are trained to provide a professional service and exceptional embroidery results on site that will enhance your brand, and encourage renewed interest and brand loyalty with your existing customers.

Embroidered monogram event for pleasing

Previous customers include Dior, Ugg, Timberland, Glossier, Surreal DB, Victoria’s Secret and many more well known brads!

If you would like more information on the services we offer, or would just like a chat about what would suit your brand, just give us a call or pop us an email, you can find our contact details here.  We would be glad to give you a better idea of all the options available for a huge range of timings, spaces, products and budgets.