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Full Colour Trainer Customisation

Perfect for engagement, retention and reactivation

Trainer customisation events are exhilarating for customers due to the fusion of self-expression and fashion. These events offer an opportunity for individuals to transform their sneakers into unique style statements, aligning perfectly with current trends or forging their own patch. Customers get to imagery (or design their own*) resulting in a one-of-a-kind product that reflects their personality.

The trainer customisation process injects an immediate burst of colour and excitement into the retail environment. The huge array of options combined with the hands-on activity engages customers visually and kinaesthetically, creating an energetic atmosphere. The short turnaround time is a key draw, as customers can witness their designs come to life rapidly, enhancing the sense of gratification and anticipation.

Furthermore, the chance to showcase their custom embroidery shoe creations on social media platforms amplifies the excitement. This sharing not only extends the brand’s reach but also builds a sense of community among customers who have participated in the event. Trainer customisation events offer a blend of creativity, rapid results, and digital interaction, making them a highly engaging and memorable experience that resonates with fashion enthusiasts and contributes to brand loyalty.


– An opportunity to reactivate existing clients with a new opportunity on a product.

– Clients can create something durable that is completely individual. Appealing to the ‘sneaker head’ culture.

– An activation that is new, fresh and exciting

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Claire Barrett

Event Co-Ordinator and Creative at HHH

The buzz that a live event creates is second to none. With the right combination of skills and interaction with clients everyone comes away energised and wants to share their swag.