Festive Live Personalisation by HHH Events

Hawthorne & Heaney Personalisation Setup at Dior Heathrow Terminal 5

A Festive Flurry of In Store Events with Live Personalisation

We had an incredibly busy season this year for in store events, featuring a flurry of customised pop-up events with live personalisation throughout central London. Our diverse range of personalised experiences brought a touch of individuality and charm to retail settings, creating memorable moments for both brands and customers.

Kicking off the season with a touch of classic monogramming at Purdey’s flagship Mayfair store in late November for a lovely start to the Christmas season. Beyond personalised gifts, customers enjoyed a beautiful gift wrapping service and complimentary hot chocolate. The festive spirit was in full swing and we even had a hot chocolate or two ourselves!

A December to Remember – Multiple Events, All Starting on the Same Weekend

The first week of December was a whirlwind of activity, with four simultaneous personalisation events launching on the same weekend! From a charity event at Meta with Dazzle & Fizz in King’s Cross, to personalised face masks at Chanel Fine Jewellery on New Bond Street, a patch workshop at The North Face on Regent Street, embroidered perfume bags at Dior’s Heathrow Terminal 5 concession stand, and hotfix crystals at Alexander Wang, our team was at the heart of the festive buzz.

Live personalisation at Alexander Wang for an in store event
Live personalisation at Alexander Wang for an in store event

The North Face Workshop Activation – 22 Days of Personalised Patches

The Workshop Activation at The North Face on Regent Street was a daily event which lasted 22 days, starting on the1st of December and ending on the 22nd. Our slimline embroidery machine allowed customers to witness the personalisation of patches with their initials, which were then hand-stitched onto their garments, creating unique, customised pieces aligned with The North Face brand ethos. The patches were a hit with the customers, as they gave people the opportunity to have something completely unique for themselves, a way for The North Face to encourage customers to show individuality with their purchases.

Chanel Fine Jewellery – Monogrammed Silk Eye Masks for Added Elegance

At Chanel Fine Jewellery, we added a touch of elegance by monogramming bespoke silk eye masks with customers’ initials. The metallic gold thread against the deep navy base created a visually stunning and personalised accessory for the discerning clientele.

The shop décor, inspired by Mademoiselle’s Rue Cambon apartment was stunning and a truly unique setting to work in!

Personalised Face masks with initials for Chanel Fine Jewellery
Personalised Face masks with initials for Chanel Fine Jewellery

Dior’s Terminal 5 Duty Free Shopping – Bespoke Embroidery at the Airport

For the second consecutive year, Dior entrusted us with setting up personalisation at Heathrow Terminal 5. Customers purchasing a full-sized perfume were treated to a bespoke dust bag, embroidered on-site in Dior’s bespoke typeface. The collaboration brought an extra layer of joy to the holiday shopping experience, delighting customers with a unique finishing touch.

Alexander Wang – Sparkly Hotfix Crystal Personalisation

Collaborating with Alexander Wang on Albemarle Street, we introduced a heat pressing setup to add a touch of sparkle to their classics collection. The delicate placement of hotfix crystal initials, following precise instructions from the AW head office in New York resulted in stunning, sparkly end products that complemented the brand’s aesthetics during the festive season. It was a delicate job that required patience and a steady hand, as one wrong or sudden movement could displace one of the crystals but the end results were well worth the attention to detail!

It was a successful year all around for events and Hawthorne Heaney Here is already gearing up for new opportunities in the coming year. If you’re seeking to elevate your retail marketing, sales, promotions, or advertising with personalised experiences, including customer gifting and retail events please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you! We specialise in a wide range of personalisation options to create memorable moments for your audience.

Email – hhh@embroidery.london