Live Embroidery at the Fruity Booty Opening Night

Fruity Booty’s Opening Night in Soho

At Hawthorne Heaney Here we love collaborating with a diverse range of brands, from small independent ventures to well-established companies with a rich history. At the heart of our passion lies the art of monogramming, and when Fruity Booty (a brand our team admires) approached us for their popup opening night near Carnaby Street in Soho, we were very excited to take part!

Their New pop up near Carnaby Street in Soho is their first ever brick and mortar store, having been online for some years before taking the plunge to open up a physical shop.

The opening night was a fun event to be a part of, starting at 6pm and ending at 10pm, only guests who had been invited by Fruity Booty were in attendance. During the 4 hour activation, Hawthorne Heaney Here were monogramming some knickers from their classics collection which went down a storm with the guests, who couldn’t get enough of the personalised touch!

Some fantastic photos were captured by some of the guests:

We were flat out from start to finish to insure that we could get through as many embroideries within the night as possible, though the interest was so high we were asked multiple times if we would be returning to the store in the running up to Christmas to offer the live embroidery again.

Live Embroidery at Fruity Booty's Opening Night
Image by Fruity Booty

Fruity Booty chose a single colour, a classic red to match their strong branding which meant that our slimline machine offering was the perfect option for them. Being walking distance from our studio in Mayfair we were able to pack up all our equipment and materials in a suitcase and walk over to set up.

In store activations can enhance your retail marketing strategy with live embroidery experiences. Whether it’s for retail sales, retail promotions, or retail advertising, our monogramming services can elevate your brand presence and foster retail customer loyalty. Create a memorable experience for your customers and consider incorporating customer gifting into your strategy for a lasting impact.

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