Hawthorne Heaney Here for All Saints Unforgettable Retail Tailoring Event in Glasgow

Unforgettable Retail Tailoring Event in Glasgow

Last week our team travelled all the way up to Glasgow from London, bringing a touch of elegance and personalised charm to the All Saints Merchant City Store during a unique tailoring event.

Tailoring Event

The atmosphere was electric, with attendees enjoying cocktails, champagne, music by a talented DJ and the opportunity to experience the art of bespoke monogramming by Hawthorne Heaney Here. Customers were met with open arms by the friendly All Saints customer service team, who welcomed them into the space full of fun and treats!

Our highlight of the evening was the bespoke monogramming service, where we personalised handkerchiefs with initials for special guests. It was a captivating sight as our new, cutting-edge slimline embroidery machine meticulously stitched away. Customer’s fell in love with the personalisation services on offer that evening, and were in awe as they watched our embroidery machine stitch away their initials one by one.

The handkerchiefs came in array of sizes, styles, textures and base fabrics which made them even more special as they were made using upcycled off-cuts from the brand’s factories. They represented a conscious effort towards sustainable retail practices and were not only a token of appreciation to the All Saint’s customers, but also reflected a commitment to eco-conscious customer gifting.

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